Queenstown is a premium new special wool product in our collection. With a pile weight of 1,350 g/m², this refined velvet structure uses high quality 100% pure new wool and is woven on a special machine, reating an impeccable surface finish.

With delicate neutrals, contemporary mid-tones and strong darks, the range includes 12 trendy colours.



Queenstown 502 Milk
502 Milk
Queenstown 521 Mink
521 Mink
Queenstown 529 Mouse
529 Mouse
Queenstown 532 Rabbit
532 Rabbit
Queenstown 539 Dust
539 Dust
Queenstown 544 Moss
544 Moss
Queenstown 549 Taupe
549 Taupe
Queenstown 551 Delphinium
551 Delphinium
Queenstown 555 Rose
555 Rose
Queenstown 563 Deer
563 Deer
Queenstown 569 Elephant
569 Elephant
Queenstown 589 Whale
589 Whale


construction Luxus Saxony ISO 2424
yarn content 100% Wool ISO 2424
suitability 23/32 heavy domestic use EN 1307
pile weight 1350 gr/m2 ISO 2424
total weight 2850 gr/m2 ISO 8543
pile height 7.2 mm ISO 1766
total thickness 9.2 mm ISO 1765
tuft density 205,520 tufts/m2 ISO 1763
width ca. 4m CEN/TS 14159
thermal resistance 0.15 m2 K/W ISO 8302
flammability Bfl-s1 ISO 13501-1
impact sound insulation 25 dB ISO 140-8/717-2

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