100 % pure new wool

100% Pure new wool of the highest quality - that is the starting point in the development of all TWN carpets. For decades, wool from New Zealand and elsewhere, has been selected and processed with the utmost care. There are many reasons to choose a carpet made from pure virgin wool, discover the amazing benefits of wool:

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Natural and sustainable

The TWN brand has a long tradition in the production of pure new wool carpets. Our sheep have plenty of space and their wool grows into a thick fleece. It is natural and durable; 100% pure new wool is carefully sheared from the live sheep. Wool is a renewable fibre, which means that it can grow and replace itself.

Natural wool flooring is the first choice for consumers looking for quality and a more natural lifestyle.

100% pure new wool
100% pure new wool
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Comfortable, elegant & cosy

Wool carpets are much more than just floor coverings; they are lifestyle choices that bring ambience to any room. The carpets and rugs made from 100% pure new wool offer warmth and soft, safe and comfortable places to stand, sit and play. The high-quality carpets are easy to maintain and not slippery either. The risk of slipping on a carpet is much lower than on a slippery floor.

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Improves the indoor climate

Every wool carpet is flame retardant and has high dirt-repellent and self-cleaning properties. The soft, open surface of our wool fibres binds fine dust and makes a significant contribution to air purification.

Sheep's wool has a positive effect on the indoor climate because the floor absorbs moisture and releases it in a controlled manner. Together with its absorbent, insulating and sound-absorbing qualities, for decades it has contributed to air purification in a room and to a healthy and responsible indoor climate.

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Easy maintenance

Wool fibre has a naturally protective surface structure of small overlapping scales. This makes it difficult for moisture and dirt to get inside. If you spill liquid on wool, it will stay on top of the fibres for a while, giving you ample time to remove it.

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The natural comfort of 100% virgin wool carpets
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